Helping intuitive, rebel coaches
craft messaging that

As a coach, you’re a total badass.
As a coach, you’re a
total badass.

Your methods are unique and you get unbelievable results for your clients. But trying to describe what you do? That’s hard. Especially in an environment where everyone is telling you what to say and how to say it.

For an outside-the-box, intuitive coach like you, copywriting templates don’t work and formulas are your biggest nightmare. All they seem to do is shut down your creativity and stifle your authentic voice.

It’s your authenticity, your wildness, your polarizing opinions, and your unique methodology — said in a way that your people can hear — that is your most powerful instrument for drawing your ideal clients toward you.

Unfortunately, you can’t find that authentic voice by following the crowd, copying other successful coaches, or investing in group coaching programs, even if there’s a designated copywriting coach in the group. 

You need more 1:1 attention from someone who gets you…

AND who’s capable of channeling the challenges, frustrations, and dreams of your ideal clients.

If you’ve ever invested in group coaching to expand your business but ended up feeling out of place, it’s not your fault. Maybe you jumped in with a great attitude and both feet, only to discover…

That you’re different from most of the coaches you see, dutifully implementing guru strategies to get results.

Problem is, when you don’t get the results you want, YOU get blamed for…

But the truth is…
You run on inspiration, not consistency,
and your genius can’t be corralled.

You’re certainly not lazy, and there’s nothing wrong with your mindset. It’s the business container that’s failing you, because it can’t possibly begin to make room for your wild spirit. 

Yes, there are time-tested copywriting and marketing methods that work… but the trick is NOT trying to fit your message into that framework. The trick is to use that framework to give your unique message the wings to fly. 

What if I told you that you could be wildly YOU, and wildly inconsistent, and STILL have huge wins?

Other coaches won’t tell you that. They’ll aim to make you into a hyper positive workhorse like them, and use “mindset” as the punishing vehicle to do it.

The problem is, heart centered, intuitive coaches are susceptible to that punishment, because we’ve spent our lives working on ourselves and our mindset. We already know how important it is.

Let’s Face It:

It’s also why I developed a system for rebel coaches to communicate their special brand of magic while breaking the rules, so they stay out of overwhelm, become the go-to expert in their field, and have a steady stream of ideal clients asking to work with them.

Instead of learning what works for other people and trying to copy it, I’ll help pull your magic out of you — because that’s where it lives — on the inside. And it’s the key to consistent money, even when your energy is not consistent.

If you want a strategist who’s intuitive enough to “get you” — and your clients — in the first 10 minutes of talking, and who also happens to be a badass copywriter and coach…

I’m your girl.

Unlike the gurus, I won’t force you to do something
that’s out of alignment with you to get clients. Nope.
Unlike the gurus,
I won’t force you to do something that’s out of alignment with you to get clients. Nope.

When we work together, you’ll have a partner who understands WHO you are, HOW you work, WHAT you’re trying to do, and how to express it so other people get it too. I will never put words in your mouth, but I’ll help you say what you need to say so it feels effortless, like breathing.

My promise?

You will never again sit at the computer asking yourself, “What should I write?” You won’t need to hire a copywriter, join a guru’s high ticket coaching program, or buy more templates. You’ll come from the heart, every time. You’ll also know exactly how to get consistent clients with inspired copy, even if you yourself are not consistently visible.

Because every time your message misses the mark, feels forced, or is out of alignment, you lose money. We’ll plug that hole very quickly.

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"Working with Jessica not only helped me figure out my core message, but she also helped me figure out more of who I should serve. As much as I just want to compliment her core writing skills which convert at an impressive level, she's much more than an expert copywriter. She's also someone who helped me transform my messaging into the concise language my prospects speak and understand. I can't even express how thankful I am, because that has affected every part of my communication, not just with my prospects, but with my creative team and vendors. Her work is priceless."
Justin Cross
Business Strategist & Coach

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