Helping intuitive, rebel coaches
craft messaging that

As a coach, healer or entrepreneur, you’re a total badass.

As a coach, healer, or entrepreneur, you’re a
total badass.

Your methods are unique and you get unbelievable results for your clients. You’re a talented, charismatic communicator, and you’re MAGIC at what you do.

You know that human connection is what makes the sale…

And you’ve built your entire business through human connection and authentic communication. Your clients are drawn to you because of who you are, and you want everything you post or email to reflect your deepest values so you continue calling in the right people.

But you don’t want to write your own content.

You belong on stage or on camera, not stuck behind a desk trying to distill the essence of what you do into a sentence.

You know that a single email or social post can bring in 5-figures. You’d love to have email writing and social media posting taken off your plate entirely…

But you don’t want to hire a freelancer who may or may not get you. You don’t have time to babysit, micromanage, or dictate what’s in your head. You want someone intuitive enough to already be INSIDE your head!

You want a word master who can emotionally connect to your audience with love and empathy.  

AND who’s capable of channeling their challenges, frustrations, and dreams.

When we work together…

I will never put words in your mouth, nor will I use slimy marketing tactics like false scarcity to get the sale. 

My promise?

My copy will come from the heart every time, and the words will carry YOUR message. 

And your message will fly into the hearts of your prospective clients, they’ll feel inspired to take action, you’ll do more of what you love, and the world will get infinitely better.

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"Working with Jessica not only helped me figure out my core message, but she also helped me figure out more of who I should serve. As much as I just want to compliment her core writing skills which convert at an impressive level, she's much more than an expert copywriter. She's also someone who helped me transform my messaging into the concise language my prospects speak and understand. I can't even express how thankful I am, because that has affected every part of my communication, not just with my prospects, but with my creative team and vendors. Her work is priceless."
Justin Cross
Justin Cross
Business Strategist & Coach

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