I help high-impact coaches make 100K in 30 days with the power of email marketing

You change people’s lives.

Your methods are unique and you get unbelievable results for your clients.

You could talk about what you do all day long, but writing emails? There’s just no time.

And besides, you belong on stage or on camera, not stuck behind a desk trying to distill the essence of what you do into a sentence.

But by not emailing every day, you’re leaving 100K+ on the table every single month. 


A single week of emails can bring in 6 figures...

It’s just a fact: the more you email, the more money you make.

But in order for that to happen, all your other systems have to work. Your sales team has to be good at closing. Your funnel and advertising have to draw the right people to your list. 

Before I write a single word, we determine what, if anything, needs improvement. Once that’s taken care of, the magic begins. 

The emails I deliver connect deeply with the heart of reader, channeling their challenges, frustrations and dreams. 

When you hire me to write your emails…

Should we work together? Only IF:

  • You believe in hiring experts (not freelancers or hourly employees) to solve problems in your business and take you to the next level
  • You’re an amazing coach and an expert in your own right, but you’re open to advice and insights
  • You feel comfortable giving me creative license to write for you if we’re a good fit to work together
  • You’re willing to give me access to your metrics so I can revise my approach based on the response of your audience 

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