Meet Jessica

You’re a leader and a visionary, that’s why you’re here — and it’s my mission to skyrocket your life-changing message into the hearts of your clients so we change the world as fast as we can.

Do you want to make a bigger impact? Do you want to sell your coaching service or program to more people?

Then you’re in the right place.

I write irresistible copy for visionary coaches & entrepreneurs so they can:

High impact coaches are masters at what they do. But they struggle to communicate so their ideal clients recognize their services as the solution they’ve been seeking.

They also don’t have time to write emails and post content that connects with their buyers. As a result, they miss out on a ton of revenue and the ability to reach more people.

All they want to do is coach and do what they love.

I totally get it, because that was my mentor’s journey. He was a relationship coach and a spiritual teacher. When he spoke, his words were pure poetry. He was so masterful in his role as a coach and a speaker… but he struggled to get steady clients because he hated marketing and failed to clearly communicate how he changed people’s lives.

I idolized him, and saw how his lack of consistent messaging stopped him from attaining the success he really wanted. As much as his clients loved him, I watched him slowly fade into obscurity and be forced to depend on rental income from a granny unit in his backyard.

I made it my mission to correct this, which is why I created my Intuitive Copywriting Formula, which gives visionary coaches & entrepreneurs the messaging that does the heavy lifting so they can focus on their zone of genius.

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to see whether my Intuitive Copywriting Formula can help you boost your impact, influence and income.

Book a call to see whether my Intuitive Copywriting Formula can help you boost your impact, influence and income.

My Story

Writing was my first love. After that, it was joined by all things esoteric and spiritual. I was a seeker, a spiritual teacher, a tarot reader, a psychic, and a coach.

My first businesses struggled because I lacked business training. I just declared myself an entrepreneur and clumsily set about getting clients using ineffective strategies.

Even though I wasn’t getting consistent clients, I noticed that my writing always generated sales. If I needed money, I’d write an email to my list and watch the orders roll in.

Once I finally invested in myself and purchased a high-ticket coaching program, I realized that real growth was possible with the right mentorship. I mastered the fundamentals, my business grew, and I began booking high-ticket clients into my coaching program.

But something was off.

See, I had spent my ENTIRE LIFE sitting at the feet of charismatic spiritual teachers. I thought that success meant being like them. Which meant speaking in front of audiences and being in the limelight.

I began to notice that I didn’t like being in the limelight all that much! In fact, the LAST thing I wanted to do was be on stage leading the way.

I didn’t want to be Leading Actor. I wanted to be Best Supporting Actor. It was simply more in alignment with the truth of me. The more visible I forced myself to be as a coach, the more the quiet writer in me begged for expression.

I quit my coaching business and got my first copywriting clients within 24 hours. And I’ve been running ever since!

My genius is authentically communicating in your style, not just mine.