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How it Works & Pricing

Unlike the other “by-the-book” coaches out there, I don’t hide my pricing until we get on the phone. I trust you to know whether you’re willing and able to make the financial investment before you book a call to see if we vibe and are a good fit to kick ass together.

Welcome to the VIP Messaging Program with Jessica McKay!

My signature VIP Messaging Program is for heart-centered entrepreneurs who sell their services online (specifically through social media). They feel frustrated with not knowing what to post, and feel guilty for neglecting their email list because they don’t know what to say. They truly just want to do what they love and have a steady stream of clients ready to work with them.

They want consistent clients without robotic effort.

They may feel like they’re not cut out for business because they’ve fallen through the cracks of every group coaching program they’ve ever bought. However, they know that if they could just get some 1:1 attention from someone who REALLY gets them, they could hone their magic and make amazing things happen.

Hearing, “You have to include ‘tangible outcomes’ in your mission statement or offer” may make them feel like they’re making promises they can’t keep. They know what they do is helpful, and even transformative, but they’re not sure how to talk about it in a way that feels honest and ethical. They’re not looking for the next quick fix – they want to finally approach their business in a serious way that allows them to do the work they love.


Sound a little bit like you?

You’re a good fit if:

  • You know that what you do is magic, but you don’t know how to talk about it with potential clients.
  • You haven’t emailed your list in months because you have no idea what to say.
  • You are TRULY passionate about what you do – this isn’t for “side hustlers.” This is for serious business owners who are ready to change the world.
  • You’re tired of investing in high ticket group coaching programs and not getting the clarity you need about who you serve and how to speak about it. You want 1:1 attention on your business, not marathon Q&A sessions that offer generic advice.
NOTE*: This program does NOT provide any done-for-you copy. If you are looking for DFY copy, message me and let’s talk.

If you’re ready to transform your messaging into concise language that calls in your ideal clients, let’s get started!

Clients inside the VIP Messaging Program know that it’s time to stop investing in programs that don’t see them for who they are. They’re ready to make a significant investment with a high-level mentor who can intuitively understand them and help them create a strategy and message that feels exciting and aligned.

The right person for this program is highly likely to land clients in a way that feels fun and inspired, rather than excruciating and draining.


Here’s How It Works:

During your month-long program, we’ll have 4 one hour-long Zoom meetings that you will schedule at your convenience, which you can record and keep, and several written assignments which will help you do the following things…

1. First of all, we’re going to get some momentum towards that goal you’ve been chasing. No more, “I don’t know what to do!” We’re going to create a strategy that works FOR YOU, that will get you on the path to where you’ve wanted to be for ages.

2. Once that is all figured out, it’s time to get excited about the people that you serve again. No more 35 year-old moms with golden retrievers and twins who live in Utah. We’re going to dive into who you serve, why you like them, and how you’re going to change their life. No surface level stuff here, we’re going to dive deep into the problems they’re ACTUALLY struggling with so that when they read your messaging, they feel like you truly understand them (which means it’s a no-brainer for them to invest!)

3. Once we’ve clearly identified your people, we’ll create a system that eliminates writer’s block for good. You work based on inspiration – now we’re going to create an inspiration button you can press anytime to attract your audience, and always say exactly what they need to hear. In each session we have together, I’ll be helping to channel what your audience will respond to — and how you can talk to them for the rest of your life, no matter how many times your offer changes. 

4. Next – and this is where the true magic kicks in – we will dial in all the ways that you’re different from everyone else out there, so your messaging has a chance to stand out and get noticed. You will start posting and emailing with the same inspiration you had when you started your business. (Don’t worry, I will look over and even edit what you write before you send.) Responses will begin to flow in, and as we begin to see your audience’s response, we’ll be using the feedback to truly dial in your audience and your messaging to attract DREAM clients who are actually ready to invest.

5. Finally, you’re going to be able to show up as the confident diamond of a coach who stands out among the crowd. Your personality that has been treated like a problem is actually the superpower that makes you so kickass at helping your clients. In this program, you’ll finally create that permission for yourself to show up entirely in your own power and energy – and find the clients who deeply resonate with all of who you are.

During our Zoom sessions, we will absolutely be working on your strategy, but I will also be reflecting your brilliance back to you, so you can really see and appreciate how amazing you are! I know you already know this, but I’ll use my intuitive channeling abilities to provide a mirror so that you can see yourself the way your audience sees you. Your incredible power is ready to be unleashed. 

As a bonus, I give all my VIP clients unlimited access to me via WhatsApp or FB Messenger through the entire program (with the understanding that I will not be responding right away on weekends, because weekends are for chocolate binges and Star Trek). 

As another bonus, VIP clients get a copy editing service once per week. This means you can send me up to 3 posts or emails we’ve visioned together during our zoom session, and I’ll edit them so they’re solid gold. You’ll be able to see all the changes and suggestions I make in Google docs. Remember, I won’t be putting words in your mouth, I’ll just be helping you say what you need to say in the most engaging and powerful way possible. 


Alright, Jessica, this sounds awesome. What’s the investment? 

The price for the VIP program is 3K, due before the first session is scheduled.  


OK, this sounds badass! I’m 100% in! What’s next? 

Shoot me a message, and we’ll have a quick chat to check in and make sure this is the right program and the right time for you! If it is, you can join today and schedule your first session. 

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